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What is Osteopathy?
Osteopathy is a form of 'hands-on' manual therapy that helps to maintain the bodies' optimum function. As Osteopaths we believe that the structure and the function of the body are very closely linked. The treatment techniques used by Osteopaths are generally safe and gentle but occasionally osteopathic treatment may cause adverse reactions in some people. Such techniques used are: soft tissue massage and stretching, trigger point therapy, joint articulation and manipulation, muscle energy techniques, cranial and the more gentle treatment approaches such as balanced ligamentous tension. All of these techniques help to allow the muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons of the body to function better. By having Osteopathic treatment, not only can your musculoskeletal system benefit but so can other systems of the body, such as your circulatory and digestive systems.

What training do Osteopaths undertake?
As an Osteopath is Australia, we complete a five year full time university degree. This includes a three year Bachelor degree and then a two year Masters degree to follow. During the course we study a range of subjects, including anatomy, physiology, pathology, clinical diagnosis & management and a range of different osteopathic techniques. This allows us to diagnose, treat and manage a range of different conditions using a holistic approach.

Do I need a referral to see an Osteopath?
You do not need a referral if you are private patient. The only times you will require a referral from your GP is if you want to claim through the Medicare Enhanced Primary Care Plan or if you a DVA (Veteran Affairs) patient.

The Medicare Enhanced Primary Care Plan is for chronic pain or illness and is set up by your GP. You are entitled to 5 Medicare rebated treatments.

Is Osteopathy covered through my private health insurance?
Yes, osteopathic treatment is covered under the 'extras' scheme by most major health funds. Please call your fund if you have any queries as to how much your rebate is, as all health funds give a slightly different rebate depending on the type of cover you have. The Clinic is able to offer 'on the spot' rebates through our HICAPS electronic machine system.

The Osteopaths are all registered for TAC, Workcover and DVA patients.


Common conditions or complaints patients may present with to Osteopaths for treatment:
Neck & Back Pain
Sports Injuries
Arthritic Conditions
Stress related tension
Asthma & Breathing Difficulties
Hip, Knee & Ankle Pain
Work-related injuries
Pregnancy related Pain
Postural related Pain
Gynecological problems
Shoulder Elbow & Wrist Pain
Muscle strains & Tendinitis
Joint pain
Digestive Problems
Headaches & Migraines


Who may benefit from Osteopathic Treatment?
Adults; Women & Men Pregnant Women Children Babies Elderly

For more information see:

Osteopathy and Paediatrics
Osteopathy and Pregnancy

What can you expect during your initial consultation?
Your initial consultation will last for 45-60 minutes. During this time a thorough history and examination will be undertaken to establish a good understanding of how your whole body is functioning and come up with a precise diagnosis. This is then followed by your treatment. The final stage of your consultation is spent advising you on how you can best manage your body. This may be a set of stretching or strengthening exercises, or maybe even some advice into nutrition and diet, posture or exercise.

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